Threads: The New Competitor Challenging Twitter Amidst Musk and Zuckerberg’s Tech Battle

By : Willio Jean Paul

Elon Musk wanted to fight Mark Zuckerberg in a cage, but it looks like Mark has decided to take
the fight to Musk in the tech space. This week, a new competitor emerged: Threads. It was
released just a few days after Twitter decided to limit how many posts users could see in a day.
I guess Mark is thinking, “If Elon can do it, I can do it better.” It’s worth noting that this is not
the first time Meta has copied an app or feature from a social media competitor.

The takeover of Twitter by Musk has had a lot of issues and presents an opportunity for other
competitors, like Meta and BlueSky. For Meta, it’s a way to provide users with more activities
and to keep them engaged within the Meta social media empire. Eventually, it will be another
way for Meta to show advertisements to people.

Threads is launched through Instagram. By leveraging Threads off of Instagram, Meta is
reducing the effort required for users to sign up and quickly start using the app. Instagram users
will be able to log into Threads using their Instagram accounts, making it easy for them to
follow the same people they already follow on Instagram.

Meta has a long and elaborate history of copying competitors, which has been successful on
several occasions. They did this in 2016 when Instagram launched Stories, a copy of Snapchat‘s
Stories, and again in 2020 when Instagram launched Reels, their version of short-form videos,
similar to TikTok.

Threads is a true competitor to Twitter, and already 30 million users have signed up. Now,
whenever an issue arises or Elon says something that offends a subset of people, every Twitter
user will have a viable alternative they can turn to instead.


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